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Cheers to Beers

Brewing a vibrant culture in Singapore

Beer is continuing to make significant contributions towards Singapore’s social and economic success, according to a recently published survey commissioned by the Singapore Beer Industry Association (SBIA) and conducted by independent research firm Merdeka Centre.

Drawing from the responses of 600 Singapore citizens and permanent residents, the findings show that beer is still the nation’s most popular alcoholic beverage, with 75% of respondents listing it as their favourite alcoholic drink, surpassing wine and spirits.

Often considered as a drink of the people, beer is a social catalyst that brings people together. Its mass appeal makes it a popular beverage of choice at casual dinners, special occasions, and cultural events. Among respondents who consume beer often, 68% of them appreciate its refreshing nature, while 65% savour its taste. This is especially so given the wide range of options available in Singapore – whether it's a smooth lager or a rich stout, there’s something for every palate.

In terms of perceptions towards alcohol consumption, 67% of respondents acknowledged that responsible drinking is an important part of the lifestyle in Singapore, with almost 60% believing that beer can serve as an effective means of regulating one's alcohol intake and promoting responsible drinking.

When it comes to the preferred location for consuming alcoholic beverages, 77% of respondents shared that they tend to drink at home, 45% stated they enjoy drinking in bars, while 44% would drink at a friend or relative’s home. It’s worth noting that the survey results revealed a shift in behaviour since the Covid-19 pandemic, with 51% of respondents reporting that they now drink more at home.

While this change may be attributed to habits formed as a result of the strict safe distancing measures imposed during the pandemic, the perceived rising cost of dining out also seems to be a contributing factor. According to the survey, it was found that 42% of drinkers, regardless of gender and age, would typically spend between S$20 and S$50 during a single drinking session. 74% of respondents believe that alcoholic beverages sold in Singapore are somewhat expensive or even overpriced.

Despite these concerns, however, 52% of respondents still believe that the beer industry is a driving force for Singapore’s economy. They recognise that it provides jobs and other associated benefits for the food and beverage, tourism and hospitality, and retail sectors – all of which are still recovering from losses suffered during the pandemic. Moreover, 77% of respondents concurred that a thriving food and beverage sector is crucial for making Singapore a vibrant country for locals and an attractive destination for global talents, visitors, and investors.

“Beer remains Singapore’s favourite alcohol beverage due to its unique ability to bring people together,” says Andy Hewson, Chairperson of the Singapore Beer Industry Association (SBIA). “The resilient beer industry in Singapore has always been a key pillar of Singapore’s growing economy and vibrant society, and continues to support the thriving Food and Beverages, hospitality, tourism, and retail trade sectors in Singapore. Members of the SBIA are committed to working with the government, trade partners, customers, consumers, and other stakeholders in the ecosystem to continue our brewing success in the nation-state.”


Summary of key findings from survey on alcohol consumption in Singapore 2023

Summary of key findings from survey on alcohol consumption in Singapore 2023 - 1
Summary of key findings from survey on alcohol consumption in Singapore 2023-2
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