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responsible consumption

SBIA members firmly believe that alcohol when consumed in moderation, can be part of a well-balanced lifestyle. We are committed to promoting responsible consumption and reducing the harmful use of alcohol.


We offer our consumers a wide range of low and no-alcohol beers, and provide clear information on our products to ensure that our consumers can make an informed choice about the products they consume.


SBIA is strongly committed to tackling harmful drinking, and work closely with government, industry and community partners to address issues such as drink driving, under-age drinking, binge drinking, and alcohol addiction.


For example, through the Singapore Alliance for Responsible Drinking (SARD), the SBIA participates in an annual public awareness campaign to educate and inform people, especially young adults, about the harmful effects of binge drinking, and empower them to have a better understanding of their own limit and make informed choices about #HowMuchIsTooMuch.


Responsible Consumption Policies and Initiatives by SBIA Member Companies:

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