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Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Singapore, and the local beer industry makes significant contributions to Singapore’s economy, both directly and in support of key sectors such as F&B, hospitality, retail, manufacturing and tourism. It is a significant driver of employment and revenue generator, and further bolsters Singapore's tourism sector by enhancing the overall visitor experience and contributing to a vibrant hospitality scene. 

Beyond economic prosperity, beer also serves as a catalyst for socialising and community building, which helps enrich Singapore’s cultural tapestry and promote social cohesion. Traditional coffee shops and hawker centres provide a communal space for locals and visitors to gather and enjoy a beer together, while the drink also takes centre stage in upscale bars and nightclubs, offering a premium experience and elevating the overall experience.

Finally, as responsible corporate citizens, SBIA members work diligently to promote responsible alcohol consumption and encourage a balanced and informed approach to enjoying beer. In alignment with the global movement towards sustainability, members have also embraced ambitious goals to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices throughout their operations.


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Public perception survey on alcohol consumption in Singapore 2023


Summary of key findings from survey on alcohol consumption in Singapore 2023

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